the woods are lovely, dark and deep. but …

I deeply respect Vijay Anand for taking the superb initiative of starting and building In fact it is the push that is helping us see other other initiatives coming up viz and hopefully many more. But guys can you manage your times to see that the startup crowd has access to either and for 3 months; so we as attendees dont have to choose between two platforms?

The point of this post though was this post. Sloka has been in the business for already two years since. Drishti is a four year old company at the least! And Pramati??? To highlight the above three companies as being provided a launchpad at… now, thats suspension of disbelief. There are moments when you get carried away, when your baby grows more than your expectations, and I sincerely hope for me and other startups that need more such initiatives, that this one was that moment. It would have been great if you could have highlighted other companies that got funded because of is a trailblazer no doubt but lets not kid ourselves, there is still a very very very long way to go. Or as Robert Frost says “The woods are lovely dark and deep but I have miles to go before I can sleep sleep sleep…

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  1. “if you could have highlighted other companies that got funded because of”

    Poorna, there is also a series that I started writing about where the companies that came to proto currently are. If you ask me, I’d rather stay away from the funding aspect. There are way too many “events” that focus on “pitch to a VC” sessions and we are consciously trying to not throw oil into the flame of people thinking they’ll get funded by walking in and walking out of Proto. But there are other interesting stuff going on and most of them have grown to almost a crore+ of turnover, which is great news. Shall continue on that series once i catch up on some sleep and rest šŸ™‚

  2. @Vijay
    As a value-add figures out much higher in the list for young startups than for already established players like Pramati, Drishti or Sloka; I even doubt if Proto can take credit for their growth…

    As I said, I would want to proudly showcase the underdogs, the very early stage companies that need more support in the current ecosystem than anyone else.

    But then, great work once again. Need many more initiatives like Proto and now Headstart.

  3. Sorry, that you could attend Proto.08. You would have loved it. Mundial Communications from South Africa was also one the presenting company. We presented our Yambi platform. Yambi is actually the only platform in the world specially meant for the consumer and small businesses worldwide.
    Unlike many existing Unified Messaging and Collaboration platforms whose servers are very expensive, but cannot be hosted in broadband or any other dynamic network, Yambi servers can be hosted in any network: dynamic or static, even with simple dial-up connection.
    It is really the world-first Consumer Unified Messaging and Collaboration server. It offers you a unique offline-online experience.
    You will agree that the best place to host your data remains your local hard drive. However, as you are not desk-bound at all times, the need exists to access these data remotely or to push it automatically to your mobile device. This has proved throughout the years almost an impossible mission, unless you can afford costly servers like Exchange, Domino etc. But because these servers don’t work on broadband, – despite the fact that broadband has become the preferred internet connection worldwide, – you have to acquire expensive dedicated networks as well.
    It is a fact that the majority of Internet users cannot afford this solution. In order to remotely access the data, they are forced to host them on the web only (no off line) often with companies they can’t completely trust. But believe me, not all data are meant to be hosted by a third party.
    Yambi platform gives you total control over your data and freedom of hosting choice. It can be hosted on your local hard drive, on a remote virtual machine, on any data Centre, on a few of your peersā€™ machines, even on a memory stick.
    Mundial Communications patent pending technology keeps related servers at all time visible to each other and establishes a peer to peer secure communication channel between servers and their clients; making it possible for an all-time and anywhere multi-point Access/Delivery of your data (Desktop, Web, Mobile Devices)
    Imagine, Imagine Microsoft Communications Server 2007, Microsoft Groove Server and their respective clients, integrated into one Application. Now, imagine the integrated application targeting the general consumer and SME worldwide. Imagine a unified Messaging service for the consumer that is so simple that even Grannies can use it. With the added bonus that all mobile data (E-mail, IM, SMS) are sent and received over IP. Thus escaping the exorbitant charges from the Mobile carries.

    Imagine your Outlook or any other mail client integrating all your Mail accounts, Contact management with Presence, secure and archived Instant messaging, shared and group calendar, file sharing, etc with Server-side hosted data.
    Imagine … Yambi: an unified messaging platform for the consumer worldwide.
    Yambi: your unique and secure PVN (personal virtual network)

    Yambi is from now on open on invitational beta. It is a must try application. Please contact me if you need to try Yambi.

  4. @Leonard
    Looks I did miss an interesting company by missing Proto ’08. We, Spinaxys, are working on something interesting on the communications and collaboration platform – but from a wholly different angle compared to yours (and we are yet to even start coding, pretty early stage ;)).

    How about dropping me a mail? Lets talk, would definitely love to get a preview/demo. Its available in my personal blogs about page [Excuse this long winded way, just cant afford any more spam]

  5. is a “trailblazer”? In what sense? Whats your definition of a trailblazer and what has done so far, apart from showcasing a bunch of startups that apply to being showcased?

    Is it any different than any other startup marketing event?

    Also its pathetic of the Yambi guy to be using THIS thread market his services! Can you please pull out his comment?

  6. @OldHand
    Yes, is a trailblazer when it was the first forum for startups to showcase their warez. In all due respect, All the other startup marketing events have picked from that idea.

    However, as for what value is Proto providing to startups that showcase there, thats debateable i guess. Our startup got some decent coverage because of proto. Cant speak of others though.

    Sorry Oldie cant pull out his Yambi’s comment. It was marketing his services but I guess I will live with his disgression.

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