Project Management learnings

These learning are from the Pearl City Project of PCC of 2012. Some of the learnings I took. Jotting them down before I forget.

By handling a Multi-contract approach there will be huge leverage on slippages.

Difference in IT and other industries

  • No visibility on IT industries. So we need this visibility & metrics to measure the visibility.
  • Interface requirements might change.

Project Management Essentials

  • Align with strategy and stakeholder needs
  • Establish clear objectives
  • Balance resources with constraints of budget, effort, cost, schedule
  • Execute!

Must haves:

  • Execution Strategy: Who will do it, What, Where, How
  • Execution Plan: When will it be done
  • Everything has a design basis. Ask why?
  • Do follow books. Lots of paper work. Help project control.
  • Build craft centers
  • Strengths – Database and Information systems.
  • Everything is quantifiable. Metric -> Deviation.
  • Keep track of assumptions during the course of project.

Types of contracting

  • Cost Plus contracting.
  • Unit rate contracting.

Object classification of projects
(What is the content of the project and purpose?)

  • Dimensions
  • Inherent complexities
  • Project span

Briefly about Cloud Computing:

  • Data Center Electicity Consumption vs Consumption of Services
  • Service consumption is seasonal and bursty
  • If infrastructure provisioning is minimal, then building the team is going to be important.
  • Re-engineering AppStack modules to SOA
  • Every App Developer is a System / Service Integrator
  • Utility model ala electricity
  • Objective is to be lean and mean & to optimize costs

Global Delivery Model #toread

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