Hyderabad has a tech community (?)

Reaching out to the right folks and nurturing a community of tech crowd has been a stumbling block for the barcamps’ campaigning. We did try a couple of initiatives – to create a blogroll, to create a hydtechblog, metroblogging for hyderabad – but nothing panned out as expected. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

And there was the apparent conclusion that our tech community was not exactly thriving – a conclusion that ran counter to our intuition and common knowledge that there are lot of product tech companies in Hyderabad as well as some really good geek gods here.

Intuitioneva Jayate (Intuition alone triumphs). Introducing to you ladies and gentlemen (drum rolls please) Twincling – a very vibrant open source community from mana Hyderabad. Get to their page to know more about.

And if you readers, are aware of any such communities, do give us a tip about them.

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