lingua franche

So have been working on and off my startup, have been playing with some swanky new tools too. Clojure The absolute rockstar language. The LISP syntax is an absolute blast. The syntactic sugar does have some extremely valuable benefits. The code is a joy to read though. My first small project to explore Clojure was … Continue reading "lingua franche"

What should be my lingua franca of programming?

In a fast paced business environment with fast changing requirements, the tools for expressing and constructing a program become extremely vital for the productivity of the programmer. Given this assumption, the primary of these tools, the choice of programming language becomes extremely essential for productivity. Having worked in C and C++ and having seen a host of different languages I … Continue reading "What should be my lingua franca of programming?"

Table Helper in PHP

Custom built frameworks are always a zero-sum game. You get the freedom to build the framework completely suited to your business needs, but then you will more or less have to retread the bug ridden path of other frameworks. For our company currently, as an architect I have immense freedom to look at application from … Continue reading "Table Helper in PHP"