Value vs Revenue for startups

Yesterday, we were having a discussion on a possible kiva-like play in India which will help connect two very disparate but mutually enriching communities and what kept us puzzled was inspite of the value being created, the revenue-generating mechanism for us was nowhere in sight. Taking any sizeable cut from either of the connecting communities … Continue reading "Value vs Revenue for startups"

Startup valuation for geeks

Valuation is the process of coming up with the market value of a company. This means that any investor who is on the right side of sane will see the valuation of the company before he even sneezes in your direction. Yet to most techies and geeks ‘valuation of a company’ looks like ‘?%&*#$@!?%&*#$@!?%&*#$@!'(martian symbols). … Continue reading "Startup valuation for geeks"

Product Pricing For Hitech Startups: The stuff nightmares are made of

Pricing is an issue that haunts the marketing departments at the biggest of corporations. High tehcnology startups usually have enough critical issues to deal without adding subtle implications of pricing to the mix. Ultimately product or service pricing is one of those things that can effectively make or break the future of a startup. One … Continue reading "Product Pricing For Hitech Startups: The stuff nightmares are made of"

Planning For Success

Why do you think the same five guys make it to the final table of the World Series of Poker EVERY YEAR? What, are they the luckiest guys in Las Vegas? – Mike McDermott, Rounders Can success be planned for? This I guess is a fundamental question every entreprenuer should ask himself/herself(Yeah yeah politcally correct … Continue reading "Planning For Success"