Mental model of languages

“The better decision maker has at his/her disposal repertoires of possible actions; checklists of things to think about before he acts; and he has mechanisms in his mind to evoke these, and bring these to his conscious attention when the situations for decision arise.”  (Herbert Simon, Nobel Laureate) C’s mental model is of blocks of … Continue reading "Mental model of languages"

Language vs VM Wars!

Rant follows Erlang has a weird syntax but again not that far away from being an acquired taste. Python was weird when I started. So was Perl and PHP not so much since. C, C++, Java are all the normal ‘looking’ languages. These days when I keep coding in Python or PHP, I keep missing … Continue reading "Language vs VM Wars!"

cloud computing is …

when computing is a utility computing capacity can be scaled up and down on demand. And billed by usage IaaS (Infrastcture as a Service) is cloud computing Cloud is … Cloud is everything else – anything that abstracts the user from the metal is a cloud Technically your API or a website or an app … Continue reading "cloud computing is …"

Zara – Fast Fashion

How Zara grew into the world’s largest fashion retailer tl;dr More about Inditex than Zara. The process is … Fast Fashion Inditex’s 8 Brands Inditex is the fashion company that owns Zara and many other brands – totaling 8. Zara Zara Home Bershka Massimo Dutti Oysho Stradivarius Pull & Bear Uterqüe The Zara template: Trendy … Continue reading "Zara – Fast Fashion"

Project Management learnings

These learning are from the Pearl City Project of PCC of 2012. Some of the learnings I took. Jotting them down before I forget. By handling a Multi-contract approach there will be huge leverage on slippages. Difference in IT and other industries No visibility on IT industries. So we need this visibility & metrics to … Continue reading "Project Management learnings"

What are imaginary numbers?

what-are-imaginary-numbers The complex numbers allow us to consider scalings and rotations as two instances of the same thing; and by ensuring that negative reals have square roots, we get something where every (non-constant) polynomial equation can be solved: C is the algebraic closure of R. Quora and StackExchange are fast turning out to be my … Continue reading "What are imaginary numbers?"

Water water everywhere…

Away from the regular posts that I have, this is a simple infographic that came my way. And given its such a neatly presented work I decided to post it here. Of course, I would have loved it if this was a movie in itself (and Meika you must really make this into a small … Continue reading "Water water everywhere…"

Bloodbath in Genres

From here… Kano Model threshold (or ‘requirement’), linear (or ‘feature’) and delightful (or ‘delight’) Ultimately many attributes transition from delight to feature to requirement as customer expectations raise. This is why in games specifically genres often become an arms race between a few key players. Quite clearly, the model of things has this transition where … Continue reading "Bloodbath in Genres"