Water water everywhere…

Away from the regular posts that I have, this is a simple infographic that came my way. And given its such a neatly presented work I decided to post it here. Of course, I would have loved it if this was a movie in itself (and Meika you must really make this into a small … Continue reading "Water water everywhere…"

Bloodbath in Genres

From here… Kano Model threshold (or ‘requirement’), linear (or ‘feature’) and delightful (or ‘delight’) Ultimately many attributes transition from delight to feature to requirement as customer expectations raise. This is why in games specifically genres often become an arms race between a few key players. Quite clearly, the model of things has this transition where … Continue reading "Bloodbath in Genres"

Table Helper in PHP

Custom built frameworks are always a zero-sum game. You get the freedom to build the framework completely suited to your business needs, but then you will more or less have to retread the bug ridden path of other frameworks. For our company currently, as an architect I have immense freedom to look at application from … Continue reading "Table Helper in PHP"

Erlang Ring Code

Erlang Ring Benchmark Problem: In the Programming Erlang book by Joe Armstrong, we find this problem at the end of the Concurrent Programming chapter. Write a ring benchmark. Create N processes in a ring. Send a message round the ring M times so that a total of N * M messages get sent. Time how … Continue reading "Erlang Ring Code"

Moved to WP 2.5.1

Finally moved the site to WordPress 2.5.1. My own personal blog has been on wordpress.com and that UI was quite inspiring. Now I stand inspired. And definitely the ease with which WP upgrades is quite awesome. However it would have been even greater if I could just upgrade by clicking on a button without even … Continue reading "Moved to WP 2.5.1"