Announcing BarcampHyderabad5 on 16th @ Google

Its that time of the year again that we folks here call the BarcampHyderabad. And Google has graciously accepted to give us some good space, free food and some goodies to let this get going. Hopefully, we will be able to sneak out some photos of the spanking new Google campus near Kondapur.

The lead team planning out and spreading the message is quite a few this time and hopefully that reflects in the turnouts & participants too.


What about:
Technologies, demos and startups- betting on Web2.0, Social web, Semantics Web and beyond!
Thats prolly the longest ever Barcamp topic ever! Anyways so if you are a startup guy, a been there done that guy, a research dude or a company eager to show their baby – make it a point to drop in for the party. Hopefully, yours truly too can make some presentation thats worth something.

How to participate?
Go here for joining into the party & participate. How about making a presentation on that spankingly awesome thing you were working on? Think we can get to know something about it? How about giving us a sneakpeak. We are aware of atleast of one startup planning to demo there. Why not you?

For more details and to signup for the camp, go here.

Oh and btw Spread the word!

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